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About Us

buffalo swag boutique new mexicoTenniel was born in a small town in New Mexico where her grandmother had a gift boutique called the Pinos Altos Mercantile.  Until she started school, she spent most days helping out at the store. Tenniel joyfully remembers her grandmother going to market in Dallas and always bringing back beautiful things for the store. That part of her childhood still resonates with her today when she goes to market for Buffalo Swag.

Tenniel Salopek attended college at NMSU and upon graduation, worked in Dallas before eventually moving back to Las Cruces, NM to be married. Her husband’s family has farmed pecan trees for four generations, and now, Tenniel and her husband live on that same farm raising their children.

Buffalo Swag started out as an online Boutique but has grown into something much more.  The company now offers an amazing salon, and MedSpa.   
Coming up with a name for a business is always a big task. Tenniel put a fun spin on it, though, choosing the word “swag” simply because it just sounded so cool.  That, along with her fond memories of visiting her aunt and uncle’s buffalo ranch in Colorado, made for the clever business name, “Buffalo Swag.” Today you are able to get your "swag" on, with skin, hair, and nails too.  

When Tenniel is not busy with the store, she is a farmer’s wife and a pig/sheep hauler.  Yes, you read that right. Tenniel’s daughter loves showing pigs and sheep, and somehow, she has become the taxi service for those animals.  Spending a lot of time driving all over the country to National Stock Shows. 

Marrying into a farming family has been interesting for Tenniel, to say the least. She was born an only child and is now part of a large, loud, and very fun family. As you drive down the road she lives on, you’ll find that all of the neighbors are actually a part of that family, as well.  According to Tenniel, they travel in packs, and if you invite one, you’ll get them all. With tongue in cheek, she fondly describes them as “one huge family, all living on the same road, running one very NUTTY business”.

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